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I’ve worked with a variety of clients, from teens to adults.  I provide one-on-one personal training at the location of your choice.  Personalized workouts are tailored to your body, as well as routines for you to use on your own.

My style is a combination of interval and high repetition weight lifting.  I ensure every workout is customized for you depending on your fitness level and specific goals.  Our sessions will be fun, dynamic, and full body workouts that will keep you engaged!

Services include:

  • In Home – 30 & 60 minute personal training sessions.  A comfortable environment where no one is watching or judging you.  I provide the necessary equipment (i.e. balls, bands, weights, mats, etc.) clients find that they get results and consistency tends to be greater than commercialized gym personal training.

  • Small Gym – If in home isn’t an option, I have a small gym located in north Phoenix with access to exercise machines (treadmill, bike), free weights, mirrors for form check and tv’s.

  • Nutrition Coaching/Meal Planning – “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.”  Custom made nutritional programs that hold you accountable and create a lifestyle that encourages proper health and a positive well-being to maintain mental health.

  • Monthly/Weekly Measurements – Tracking progress is important to help you stay motivated.  Body mass index (bpm machine) is performed to track percentages accordingly for muscle, fat, & water weight.

  • Injury Recovery & Prevention – Exercise can sometimes cause injuries which in turn prevent you from reaching your goals.  A different approach to your workout will help to overcome these issues and forever leave them in the rear-view mirror.  The key is to stay active, do not become sedentary.

  • Sport Specific Training – Training for marathons, high school and college sports (football, volleyball, baseball, softball, track & field, basketball, etc.)