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Ron A.

"Fate trains my daughter who is a high school athlete. He is great at what he does and pushes my daughter to be the best. I would highly recommend Fate to any person!"

Michele P.

"Fate and I have been working together for several years now. He has a unique talent and background that allowed us to accomplish things that I didn't necessarily think were possible. If you want a trainer with finesse, this is your guy."

DeJean B.

"As a fellow trainer, formerly based in Arizona, I can truly say that Fate is definitely worth the investment."

Stacy C.

"I have been Fate's client for 5+ years. His knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology is far superior to most trainers. I trust him to provide a challenging workout that pushes my limits without worry of injury."

Leida D.

"I've never had a trainer that knows so much about how the muscular system works. He is all about form and I've never been hurt working out with Fate. I can't say that about any of my other trainers."